Mission Statement

Mission Statement

ICoTA is a worldwide, not-for-profit, member-funded organisation active in the oil and gas industry. The ICoTA European is headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland. ICoTA also has chapters in the United States, Canada and South America

ICoTA is made up from Oil Companies and Service Companies and its strengths are:

  • Global networking opportunities across all well intervention disciplines
  • Diverse range of professional and technical experience and know-how
  • Closely linked to the SPE for conferencing and presentation opportunities
  • Recognizing technical innovation within the industry and academia

The ICoTA mission statement is simple:

'To improve communication and promote the value of well intervention solutions within the oil and gas industry'

Chapter Objectives:

  • To continue to provide Europe's premier well intervention technical forums
  • To develop the European Chapter website into a valuable technical resource for the well intervention industry
  • To raise the profile of ICoTA in other geographical locations - primarily the Middle East and Norway
  • To establish relationships with academia in order to promote the well intervention industry to young engineers
  • To increase membership and participation from members working in operating companies

Committee Roles & Responsibilities