ICoTA European Chapter Organisation

ICoTA European Chapter Organisation

Members are encouraged to participate in the Chapter at committee level. Please contact any committee member or the Chapter administrators for details of how you can help drive the ICoTA European Chapter.

Main ICoTA Board members ICoTA Board of Directors

European Chapter Administration

2017Steve MoirTIS ManufacturingChair
2017Richard HampsonHalliburtonTreasurer
2017Suzanne Robertson/Nicola ScottMearns & GillAdministrator

Committee Members

Ian RetalicAltus InterventionCommittee Member
Glynn LockyerArcherCommittee Member
Michael TaggartBaker HughesCommittee Member
George WaughBPCommittee Member
Colin BlackCarjon-NRGCommittee Member
Mark OateyConocoPhillipsCommittee Member
Steve CromarConsultantCommittee Member
Neil KiddieConsultantConsultant Member
Andrew PattersonConsultantCommittee Member
Alan TurnerConsultantCommittee Member
Paul RadcliffeFrontier InternationalCommittee Member
Adam GrayHunting Energy ServicesCommittee Member
Greg TaggartImpact SelectorCommittee Member
Ricky RebeccaIntervention RentalsCommittee Member
George GallowayIWCFCommittee Member
Frank RattrayMarathonCommittee Member
Andrew DouglasNOVCommittee Member
Scott MitchellOmega Completion TechnologyCommittee Member
Stan BirdOne SubseaCommittee Member
Davie DrydenReservoir GroupCommittee Member
Kevin RobertsonSchlumbergerCommittee Member
Darren PaulShellCommittee Member
Alastair BuchananStatoilCommittee Member
Ian BayfieldTAM InternationalCommittee Member
Dave WoodfordTAQACommittee Member
Richard InnesTotal E&P UKCommittee Member
Mark SzellerWeatherfordCommittee Member
Bronson LarkinsWellveneCommittee Member
Andrew JessimanWelltecCommittee Member
Elliot KinchCommittee Member
Kelly MurrayCommittee Member

Historical Office Bearers

2017-2018Steve Moir (Chairman)Ian Retalic (Co-Chair)Richard Hampson (Treasurer)
2016-2017Elliot Kinch (Chairman)Steve Moir (Co-Chair) Richard Hampson (Treasurer)
2015-2016Scott Mitchell (Chairman)Elliot Kinch (Co-Chair)Richard Hampson (Treasurer)
2014-2015Kelly Murray (Chair)Scott Mitchell (Co-Chair)Richard Hampson (Treasurer)
2013-2014Michael Taggart (Chair)Kelly Murray (Co-Chair)Richard Hampson (Treasurer)
2012-2013Callum Munro (Chairman)Michael Taggart (Co-Chair)Richard Hampson (Treasurer)
2011-2012Rob Grassick (Chairman)Callum Munro (Co-Chair)Michael Taggart (Treasurer)
2010-2011Daniel Petrone (Chairman)Rob Grassick (Co-Chair)Michael Taggart (Treasurer)
2009-2010Frank Rattray (Chairman)Daniel Petrone (Co-Chair)Rob Grassick (Treasurer)
2008-2009Alan Turner (Chairman)Frank Rattray (Co-Chair)Rob Grassick (Treasurer)
2007-2008Ricky Rebecca (Chairman)Alan Turner (Co-Chair)Rob Grassick (Treasurer)
2006-2007Paul Angell (Chairman)Ricky Rebecca (Co-Chair)Alan Turner (Treasurer)
2005-2006Martin Geddes (Chairman)Paul Angell (Co-Chair)Alan Turner (Treasurer)
2004-2005Ian Smith (Chairman)Martin Geddes (Co-Chair)Alan Turner (Treasurer)
2003-2004Ian Retalic (Chairman)Ian Smith (Co-Chair)Alan Turner (Treasurer)
2002-2003Andrew Patterson (Chairman)Ian Retalic (Co-Chair)Alan Turner (Treasurer)
2001-2002Andrew Patterson (Chairman)-Miles Ponsonby (Treasurer)
2000-2001Tim Eley (Chairman)David Lord (Co-Chair)Miles Ponsonby (Treasurer)
1999-2000Dave Shand (Chairman)Tim Eley (Co-Chair)Miles Ponsonby (Treasurer)
1998-1999Dave Shand (Chairman)-Bruce Robertson (Treasurer)
1997-1998Andy Campbell (Chairman)-Bruce Robertson (Treasurer)
1996-1997Andy Campbell (Chairman)--
1995-1996Bruce Adam (Chairman)--
1994-1995Bruce Adam (Chairman)--