Conference Presentation Spotlight: Archer


Conference Presentation Spotlight: Archer

Posted on 18/Oct/2018
Conference Presentation Spotlight: Archer


Archer joins our line-up of presenters at the SPE ICoTA 24th Well Intervention Conference, discussing the company's ComTrac system. Duncan Troup, Global Product Champion at Archer, explains more. 

"Extended reach wells have become an industry standard, but intervention techniques have not kept pace and increasingly wells cannot be accessed using current intervention technology. Archer saw potential in the properties of carbon composite materials. The high strength, low weight, and low friction carbon composite rod developed for the ComTrac system is allowing access into some extended reach wells for the first time."

The ComTrac system incorporates a range of benefits including safe interventions in extended reach wells; significant cost savings by reducing interventions with heavier BHAs and in some well geometries, removing the requirement for Wireline tractors; and accessing wells that are not accessible using current intervention technology. 

"ComTrac is a revolutionary new intervention system that increases the number of intervention options. Whether that’s tractoring to 10km in a horizontal completion or perforating a 200m zone in a single run.

"We're looking forward to sharing more information on ComTrac with the conference audience because they are interested in the latest cased hole innovations in technology and intervention techniques. ICoTA provides Archer with the perfect platform to promote and discuss our unique proprietary technology to a knowledgeable audience with a real need and interest in the services and technology Archer provides."

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