Conference Presentation Spotlight: Halliburton


Conference Presentation Spotlight: Halliburton

Posted on 12/Oct/2018
Conference Presentation Spotlight: Halliburton


The SPE ICoTA 24th Well Intervention Conference will take place next month and will feature a high quality technical programme as well as a large exhibition with unique Operator stall. 

Omar Torky, Field Service Manager -Wireline & Perforating at Halliburton, will be presenting 'Digital Slickline for Improved Plug and Abandonment Efficiency and Overall Reduced Operating Time'. We spoke to him recently about his presentation and what attendees can expect to learn.

What was the driving force behind developing the new digital slickline system and what challenges was it looking to address? 

"The New Digital Slickline System is all about efficiencies which was the driving force for introducing it. The Digital Slick line was introduced to address numerous challenges including:
  • Additional intervention runs to gather downhole parameters when using memory triggers.
  • Uncertainties related to conventional slickline memory operations.
  • Uncertainties related to conventional slickline Depth control
  • Uncertainties related to conventional slickline conformance or assurance of tasks
  • Run typical eline type services on a smaller footprint Slickline Unit
  • Reduce Intervention risks doing eline services with solid line compared to a braided line, which requires less pressure control equipment, and doesn’t use grease.
  • Improved run in & pull out of the hole efficiency during eline type services with a solid cable that has less risks than a braided cable, especially in corrosive wells
  • On Command triggering of Explosive and Non Explosive tools, i.e. Perforating, Pipe Recovery, Plug setting etc."

What are the main benefits of your digital slickline system?

"The system reduces the operating times of normal SlickLine operations which includes additional runs of gathering downhole parameters (Pressure & Temperature) for memory operations. It improves efficiency with faster run in & pull out of the hole times compared to Eline with real time positive depth control (CCL & optional Gamma) and on command Explosive & Non Explosive triggering, i.e. Perforating, Pipe Recovery, Plug setting etc. It also provides intervention assurance that can be auditable with real time measurements including Pressure, Temperature, Inclination, Relative Bearing, Axial & Radial Vibration and CCL. This allows the Operator to confirm all Slickline tasks we completed as planned in real time before pulling out of the hole. 

"It reduces uncertainties related to changes to downhole parameters (Pressure and temperature) memory downhole triggers and tools including HSE risks associated with memory triggers and misruns. Finally, it reduces Intervention risks doing eline type services compared to the traditional braided line, with less pressure control equipment, and no grease requirement." 

What do you want conference attendees at the conference to take away from your presentation

"Efficiencies that can be created by utilizing the Digital slickline technology for well intervention is endless, for all applications throughout the life cycle of a well. 

"Improving wellsite efficiencies over the life cycle of wells from D&C to P&A, is crucial for all operators. Digital Slickline technology allows the industry to have a step change improvement in efficiency and provide an auditable record that all Slickline tasks were performed as planned. ICoTA members are heavily involved in all aspects of the well intervention and understanding this technology will allow them to improve total returns and reduce risk." 

For more details on how you can attend the SPE ICoTA Well Intervention Conference, visit our dedicated conference page