Exhibitor Spotlight: NOV


Exhibitor Spotlight: NOV

Posted on 22/Oct/2018
Exhibitor Spotlight: NOV

Quality Tubing Facility

NOV will be returning to the SPE ICoTA Well Intervention Conference this year and will be showcasing just some of their key technologies. 

ReAct Electronic Liner Shoe

The NOV ReAct™ electronic liner shoe (RLS) is a well pressure control device that is designed to be installed below ReAct completion valves in the horizontal section of a well. You'll be able to watch how the tool may be programmed to close upon the expiry of a pre-determined ReAct time delay, or alternatively by using ReAct pressure recognition technology. 

Coiled Tubing Software

NOV's safe, reliable solutions help you before, during, and after your intervention operations. From its new condition-based maintenance software to the field-proven Cerberus™ v12.7 and OrionNET™ v3.0 offerings, CTES helps you prepare for your next job today. 

4-in. 10K Quick Disconnect

Texas Oil Tools™ quick disconnects are designed to increase safety offshore when pumping fluids from one vessel to another. It is designed to quickly disconnect in the event of an emergency to avoid damaging equipment used to transfer fluids from one vessel to another. 


The coming of a new line of coiled tubing and coiled tubing enhancements is here. Quality Tubing is introducing the Advent™ product line at its booth. Come learn about the new bias weld corrosion protection, advanced bias weld process, extended reach tapered designs, and advanced thermally-processed (ATP) coiled tubing!


Did you know, with NOV’s Slimline, you can switch between every imaginable well servicing activity without having to have another winch, operator or engineer on the rig? Visit the NOV booth to learn about one of the industry’s most compact all-weather solution for today’s dynamic world of well servicing.

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