Meet the Committee: Adam Gray


Meet the Committee: Adam Gray

Posted on 10/Sep/2018
Meet the Committee: Adam Gray

Adam Gray Icota Committee Member

Currently Regional Manager of Well Intervention for Hunting Energy Services, ICoTA Europe Committee Member, Adam Gray has supported the organization for a number of years. We asked him to discuss his role within ICoTA Europe and what he hopes the organization can achieve.  

“In my role at Hunting, I am responsible for the management and coordination of all Hunting Energy Services commercial, operational and strategic objectives for Well Intervention in Europe and Africa. I've been a committee member for a number of years, I think I started whilst at Qserv in the early 2000’s. In each role I’ve had, ICoTA Europe has remained an important part of my own development.”

For Adam, the main benefit of ICoTA Europe is the opportunity to network with industry peers.

“I always found the networking opportunities with ICoTA Europe to be really beneficial. The annual dinner is a prime example of this where 200-300 industry professionals can get together for a really good night of entertainment and relaxed networking.”

So why does Adam think people should join ICoTA?

“Rates have been slashed to the detriment of service companies. I foresee service quality issues going forward with reduced numbers and experience of personnel. Our role within this is to promote knowledge across as many different well intervention topics as we can. We ensure that these topics are relevant and valuable to the delegates attending. By joining ICoTA, members can take advantage of these learning opportunities, while learning the value that well intervention brings to their business.”  

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