Meet the Committee: Scott Mitchell


Meet the Committee: Scott Mitchell

Posted on 12/Nov/2018
Meet the Committee: Scott Mitchell

Scott Mitchell At The Annual Dinner 2016

Scott Mitchell is Global Business Manager at Omega Well Intervention, responsible for taking Omega Well Intervention Products to a global audience. As a longstanding ICoTA Europe Committee Member, we spoke to Scott about his thoughts on pushing the ICoTA European Chapter forward and his own personal highlights of working with the organisation. 

How long have you been involved with ICoTA Europe and in what capacities?

"I have been involved with ICoTA since 2013 as a committee member, then in 2015 as Co-Chair, following on to Chairman."

Why did you get involved with ICoTA Europe?

"When I was working for Oilenco, I felt it was important to be part of this Intervention Group to enhance networking opportunities to the level of professional individuals that were already networking through ICoTA."

What are your highlights?

"Being asked to become Co-Chair, then Chair after a short time within the Organisation. And being part of the iTT decision team to move the business to appointed Mearns & Gill." 

What do you most look forward to in the ICoTA Calendar?

"It’s always been about the networking for me, looking at new individuals discussing Intervention issues with professional people to aid progression of knowledge."

If you could accomplish one thing as part of the ICoTA Europe Committee this year, what would it be?

"I would like to aid more ICoTA members from the European Community to spread the word on what ICoTA is all about and how this professional group of people can help with resolving/offering knowledge."

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