Meet the Committee: Steve Moir


Meet the Committee: Steve Moir

Posted on 17/Sep/2018
Meet the Committee: Steve Moir

Steve Moir

Global Business Development Manufacturer for TIS Manufacturing, Steve Moir, has been involved with ICoTA Europe for the past 10 years. In this time, he also took on the role of Chair of the organization, leading ICoTA Europe in its aim to improve communication and promote well intervention solutions within the energy industry. 

“10 years ago, my manager suggested that, when I came onshore, I should attend the ICoTA Europe lunch and learns for professional development, and to network. Since then, I’ve gained so much experience and knowledge from being part of the organization.

“One particular highlight has to be attending the one day seminar in Stavanger for the first time. Not only was it a great opportunity to meet new people, but it also gave me valuable insight into how well intervention solutions are utilized out with Aberdeen.” 

And what does Steve hope to achieve with ICoTA Europe, in terms of addressing industry needs?

“I definitely see an opportunity in open water LWI operations. Including this in the annual conference in November would be a great start. The great thing about ICoTA Europe is that, if you become a member, you can get access to conference presentations such as these as well as our archive of material. This helps to get the knowledge out there to even more people.” 

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