Meet the Committee: George Waugh


Meet the Committee: George Waugh

Posted on 26/Apr/2018
Meet the Committee: George Waugh

George Waugh Neil Kiddie And Ross Mc Kenzie

Behind the scenes at ICoTA Europe, a committee of industry volunteers shape the activities and events that further the aims of the organisation. 

This year, George Waugh took up the role of Vice-Chair for the European Chapter. As part of our series, 'Meet the Committee', we asked George about his time with ICoTA Europe and what he hopes to achieve in the year ahead. 

What is your role within the well intervention industry? 

"I’m a Well Intervention Technical Authority. I am the custodian of a Well Intervention Practice document, and also carry out site-inspections globally."

How long have you been involved with ICoTA Europe? 

"I've been a committee member of the organisation since January 2016. I joined to represent BP, and to promote well intervention within the oil industry."

What have been your highlights so far?

"Getting approximately 12 BP engineers to attend the 2016 conference for the first time, and encouraging several BP presentations at both the 2016 & 2017 conference. I'm delighted that I can share the value of this unique conference with colleagues and introduce them to training opportunities they hadn't previously been aware of. The conference is definitely the highlight in the ICoTA calendar for me!"

What challenges and opportunities do you see in the well intervention industry at the moment, and how is ICoTA Europe addressing these? 

"The challenge is getting the volume of work to increase and deliver more production, including getting more surveillance done to encourage more options to get delivered. ICoTA is addressing this indirectly through various initiatives, however we are aiming towards a more direct approach in conjunction with other industry organisations." 

Why do you think people should join ICoTA Europe? 

"Membership is increasing all the time, but it would be fantastic to welcome even more industry professionals to the ICoTA network. Not only do members receive discounts on training such as our lunch & learns and annual conference, it also gives them the opportunity to collaborate with, and learn from, their industry peers." 

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