Coiled Tubing

Coiled Tubing

Coiled tubing has been used a great deal within the oilfield and in particular the well intervention arena for the past 40 years. From original small bore welded pipe-work, coiled tubing manufacturing and reliability has increased significantly resulting in large bore CT of 2 3/8- 3"" now being regularly deployed.


Coiled tubing can be used for most if not all well interventions, limitations in using CT are generally confined to weights / offshore crane capacity or indeed deck space offshore. Coiled tubing excels in areas such as milling / chemical treatments (including acidizing & fracturing) and sand / scale cleanouts and in drilling functions (under balanced drilling or UBD) The development of mud motors has also allowed for coiled tubing drilling activities including underbalanced drilling.


  • Reel unit - for storage and transport of coiled tubing
  • Injector head assembly - to provide the surface drive force to run and recover the coiled tubing
  • Control cabin - from which the CT operator monitors and controls the coiled tubing
  • Power pack - to generate hydraulic and pneumatic power required to drive the CT unit
  • Pressure Control Equipment including BOPS - to contain well pressure and allow deployment of down hole tools into 'live wells'
  • Tubing connector - to allow connection of down hole tools to the coil

Download PDF: Introduction to Coiled Tubing

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