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Subject: Downhole corrosion logging tools

Question: Looking for some advice on downhole corrosion logging tools which give more detailed information than calipers, for example depth of pitting/ damaged areas to establish the criticality of the pipe / tubing condition

What is available on the market to measure such ?

Callum Munro
Senior Well Engineer (Well Examination & Technology)
BP Aberdeen

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Subject: 16Cr velocity strings - metallurgy problems

Question: I am looking for any examples/lessons learned in running 16Cr velocity strings (or coil work strings) - in relation to metallurgy problems. There have been reports of pinhole leaks in Alaska, and other operators have reported problems with this material. I am looking for more detail on how these problems arose, and in what environment. In the next year we planning on running a 16Cr v-string in an old HPHT well in the North Sea which has low CO2, low H2S & supersaturated brine in most minerals.

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Answer : The following SPE Paper will not address all your concerns but may help:

SPE 130632-MS - Deliquification of South Texas Gas Wells Using Corrosion Resistant Coiled Tubing: A Six Year Case History (2010)

Richard Hampson
Global Advisor - Coiled Tubing

Halliburton, Eastern Hemisphere Technical Support Group

Useful data can be located - here