Most commonly used in well logging, perforating and well surveillance activities; real time data is obtained through the electric cable and provides accuracy of depth control and well information. Normally performed under 'live' well conditions.


The equipment required to conduct electric line operations consist of:

  • Mono conductor cable which can be supplied from 7/32" - 7/16"
  • Winch unit capable of holding up to 25,000ft of wire
  • Diesel or Electric Powerpack
  • Well Control Panel
  • Grease injection pump unit
  • Pressure control equipment comprising Lubricator / Grease injection head / BOPS /Riser
  • Logging /Data centre for storing / analysing data during the operation (this unit may form part of the winch unit)
  • Tool house holding logging tools and equipment


Electric line can be used for many applications but predominantly well logging activities such as:

  • Cased Hole Logging - Production logging to determine zonal contributions, water or gas influxes, permeability and porosity measurement
  • Open Hole Logging - Reservoir monitoring, Resistivity measurement, formation testing
  • Perforating - casing and tubing perforation operations
  • Explosive Devices - Setting packers, plugs and straddles
  • Drilling Support Services - Explosive back off operations to free stuck drillpipe

Useful data can be located - here