May be described as the 'workhorse' of well intervention, certainly the cheapest, is robust and relatively simple to conduct and operate. The key factor in slickline is that it can be performed under 'live' well conditions.


Equipment required to conduct slickline operations normally consist of:

  • Alloy or Stainless Steel wireline (piano wire) normally sized 108" diameter or 0.125" diameter
  • Winch unit capable of holding 25000ft of wire
  • Diesel or Electric power pack
  • Well Control Panel
  • Pressure control Equipment comprising - Lubricator / Stuffing Box / BOPS / Riser
  • Tool house holding downhole tools & running equipment


Slickline can be used to run, set and recover various tools, plugs, packers, valves to the well bore in order to perform:

  • Repair work - change-out faulty safety valves / gas lift valves
  • Surveillance - conduct pressure / temperature surveys, downhole camera diagnostics
  • Isolation: Plug off water zones, hydrocarbon or gas zones, prepare well for workover
  • Manipulation work: Open sliding sleeve assemblies, clear blockages, cut and remove wax build up

Useful data can be located - here