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Finalists Announced

Finalists have been announced for the ICoTA European Chapter Innovation Award 2019. This prestigious award is presented annually at the SPE ICoTA Well Intervention Conference and this year is especially poignant with the organisation celebrating its 25th anniversary.

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This year’s finalists are Shell UK and DWELLOP, Mosco Specialist Oilfield Products and Probe.

Shell UK and DWELLOP submitted the ‘Lynx wireline mast’, an integrated tower and mast system that meets the challenges faced by conventional wireline mast systems. With a small footprint and a bespoke-design adapter hatch, the mast significantly eliminates a significant amount of risk from wireline operations.

Mosco Specialist Oilfield Products is shortlisted for the Mosco Exit Sub®, an electro-mechanical wireline disconnect device that allows Operators to avoid stuck tool-string situations and recover the wire or cable from the well without having to rely on an electric signal, wire/cable manipulation, hydrostatic pressure or dropping cutter deployment bars.

Last but not least, Probe’s multi-string isolation log (MSIL) technology is also up for the prestigious award. This ground-breaking technology provides a new technique that can evaluate cement bond or isolation around the casing by logging from inside the production tubing.

Alistair MacDonald, CWI Wells Engineer of Shell UK, said:

“Shell and DWELLOP are delighted to be nominated as a Finalist. The new Lynx mast has been a real game-changer in our offshore wireline operations. As such, it is great that this award acknowledges the fantastic work behind successfully implementing this technology. We hope that this award nomination will serve to share this success across the wider industry. Thank you to ICoTA Europe for helping us spread the word thus far.”

Iain Smith, Managing Director of Mosco Specialist Oilfield Products, said:

“I would like to say how honoured Mosco Specialist Oilfield Products is to be one of the finalists in this year’s ICoTA European Chapter Innovation Award. To receive recognition from our peers makes all the hard work put in by our team in developing this new innovative product very satisfying.”

Federico Casavantes, President & CEO of Probe, said:

“Probe is excited to be amongst this year’s select finalists for the ICoTA European Chapter Innovation Awards. Being recognized as a finalist by ICoTA and our industry peers is a true honor that further enhances the potential to accelerate the introduction of our technology to the industry.”

The winner will be announced at the SPE ICoTA 25th European Well Intervention Conference on the 13th and 14th of November 2019 at P&J Live. Find out more about the award on our dedicated awards page.